Chasing Perfect

Fear is real. It’s in every one of us. 

We don’t blog because we’re scared we’ll have nothing to say. We don’t launch our great idea because we are scared people won’t like it. We don’t start a newsletter because ‘what if people unsubscribe?’. We wait and wait and tweak and tweak waiting for a “eureka” moment when everything is just perfect.

The sad news? That moment is never coming. You’re always going to find just one more thing that you’d like to improve before you ship, before your work is out there. 

The good news? Imagine if you did it today. You shipped today. Imagine all the time you’ve saved by NOT waiting for perfect, and imagine how much you can improve your work by getting ACTUAL feedback from people reading your newsletter, using your product or viewing your art. Much more than if you were trying to perfect it yourself, right?


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