Being Truly Inspired

The biggest struggle I faced while studying fashion was finding a source of inspiration. Each and every time. 

When you’re in college, you have a few different design projects going on simultaneously, and your first task is always going to be to find an inspiration for each of them.

Often, you’ll find yourself faced with what I like to call ‘designer’s block’ when you feel like you’ve run out of ideas, and nothing seems to inspire you the way you want it to. It’s actually not too hard to come up with a bunch of things that you could take inspiration from, the challenge is to actually BE INSPIRED by one or more of those things! To actually be inspired takes the quality of your work up by a hundred notches. 

As students, we always tend to be in a rush to complete all of our projects and assignments. The deadlines can be quite tiresome. And in all of that rushing, we often lose a sense of purpose. Those are the moments when we need to stop, breathe, and remember why we do what we do

You don’t want to be saying “this is my inspiration“. You want to be saying “this inspires me“. Inspiration is not something you can just pick up and use. It’s not a thing! It’s a feeling! Feel inspired, and you will see a difference. 

Don’t stop looking until you find what truly inspires you. Each and every time. 


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